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International volunteer workcamp in Bedekovcina and Sveti Filip i Jakov

 You do not have to travel far for an extraordinary international volunteer experience! There are great SCI workcamps taking place in Croatia too, and you have two last chances to attend them this summer, one at the end of August in Bedekovčina (August 22 - 30) and another one in the beginning of September in Sveti Filip i Jakov (September 1 - 10).  

 Summer Youth Activities

August 22 – 30, Bedekovčina
International group of volunteers will provide a reconstruction in the juvenile detention centre for girls (12 to 18 years) without proper family care, in order to make their living environmnent nicer and to inspire them for better future.
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Deeds and Needs!
September 1 – 10, Sveti Filip i Jakov
International group of volunteers will provide simple manual works in the Rehabilitation Center, cooperating with local volunteers and, whenever possible, with the residents too. The aim is to bring an international and fresh atmosphere to the residents, who are spending their summer time at coast.
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